Where does the Loving Husband live??

P-l-e-a-s-e explain to me what happens after marriage or a long-term relationship?? I mean where does that guy go that you hooked up with?? He could surprise you and give you chills and be so romantic and the list goes on and on, when you met. But that was way, way back when?. We all know this story. I mean my mother has been with her companion (as he likes to be called) for over ten years now and he just tells her that the honeymoon is over. Oh, did I mention that they are in their 80’s? Yes, she is still looking for the romance in the MAN. Now if their left sided-brain was working at one point romantically why does it stop working?? I have heard recently that every woman needs a gay man as a friend to fill in for her relationship. Well, where is mine??? Send me one, would love to have one. Hey gay guys come be my friend!!! I’m not a crotch-ity old person just complaining, I really would like to have my mate make me feel special and loved. Words are fine (need them too) but it sure would be nice to have my feelings come FIRST before his own and his hobbies, just once in a while. Yeah, okay maybe the love is there way down deep somewhere, but lets not have to look for it so hard, do you men hear me???? Yes, life is short, we all know the saying, but no one really believes that, they don’t take time. If they would take one step at a time and show someone they live with a special little bit of love every single day, it could possibly just snow ball??? We all want to be happy and being selfish isn’t the way to make others happy. I am not asking for more than I am willing to give!!! That has been my saying all my life.


Done with Fifty Shades of Grey

I finished the book,I’m done. Not going to read any more of them. I didn’t enjoy the book and won’t be wondering what happened any longer. I may be alone on this but I think it sets a bad example for women. Sorry world, it’s just me. I love to be able to blog about things I am not liking…. I think the book got way to much Hype!! I will now move on to something else that I do like. I do wonder however just how alone I am on this book?? I do love a spicy book, lots of love-making and excitement and the list goes on, but this just seemed demeaning to me. Okay I’m done with all of this and moving on now. Lets just forget all about it.

I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey

I’m not done reading it yet, and yes I will finish it to see how it turns out, but am I the only one that thinks it is a little too much??? I mean why do women want a man in control like that? Okay in a sex role I can see some of it but not in everyday life. Why would anyone get into a relationship with someone who wants to control you??? I guess I am toooooo head strong to want a man telling me what to do if we aren’t role-playing. I don’t think it even makes for good reading, it scares me that women could put themselves in a place like this. Also, how could they make a movie out of this book without it being all sex? How could they get the story out there? You know in today’s movies they have to show you everything, so it wouldn’t make for a GOOD movie, it would be all nudity and sex. Okay, back to the book. Why am I going to finish it you ask?? I just want to read the rest of it in hopes things change. It’s not one of those books you can’t put down… That’s part of who I am, I have this commitment thing if I start something I have to finish it. I’m sure you will be hearing more from me on this I’m not in any hurry to finish it but I will sometime soon. Those of you that have read the entire book are way ahead and could have many different ideas about the book. Or is it all just media hype??? I think the hype got too big.


Okay times have changed I know, but how far will things really go??  I know our parents used to say the very same thing.  But really I think it’s the adults that have gone nuts in the world today.  Younger and younger people are in control of the world.  I do think there are some very smart and witty people out there, but it’s the shock value that scares me today.  They use sex and shock to get our attention.  And believe me they can get our attention.  Lets just look at something  simple like ads on TV.  How about them?  In my day there would have never been little green boogers running around singing and dressing up. (My mother always said don’t play with booger, roll them, or eat them)..  Okay, that one isn’t sexy, but it does have it’s shock value.  Yes, if you haven’t guessed it’s the Mucinex ad. Did you or did you not notice that they are green boogers in that commercial?  Do we really pay attention to what we are subjected to??? Just thought I would bring it to your attention if you hadn’t noticed it before.  So what is next that will be out there to shock us??  How far can they go and how far are we willing to except it??  I guess I can blog about booger if they can put them on TV.

Just an added note to yesterday

I just have this feeling in my heart for all that are suffering today and will forever.  How did the world get so messed up??  Children???  Why I ask again don’t these monsters pick on someone their own size??  Like I said yesterday if they want a challenge go where the fighting is go to war, use some strategy that they have learned from these stupid video games and violent  TV. Go to a prison like I said try to break in there.  That would be a challenge.  But poor unaware people??  Just what does that prove, only that they are evil .  If someone hurt you why would you want to hurt others and make them feel like you do?? None of it makes and sense.  Lord please help this world and all who lives here.  We need you.

Such a scary world

We ask ourselves why children???  How could no one notice that this man was “mad” and do something about it???  What can be done about these kinds of people?  So many thoughts rush through our heads, like why don’t crazy men go to a prison and shoot it up? Why children? Why not go where evil lurks?  If they want to die themselves why take others with them???

No parent should have to live longer than their child.  Believe me I know how that feels.  So many questions to ask the Lord when we see him.  I know we all think God is giving us all these warnings and we listen for a moment and then we go on about our days.  Some people get closer to the Lord and others blame him and turn away.  Shouldn’t we get rid of all the violent video games and the violence on TV and in movies?  How about all the sex on TV, movies and the games with sex in them???  Why do we have to tolerate that??  Why do we worry so much about evils “rights” in this country?  Doesn’t “good” have rights too????

I have no answers, just questions like everyone else.  Just needed to vent my questions. My prayers go out to the families and the extended families and friends. Just remember that the children that were victims of this mad man are in heaven with the Lord and are safe and happy.  It’s the family that is suffering with the loss and heartache that will never be the same again. May God bless you all.

Been gone a while

I have been gone for sometime now, bet you thought I was gone forever.  Been having some PC issues.  I think I will be back and reading blogs again and putting some blogs out there too.  Had some other issues with little green fogs over the summer.  I read on-line that they are food for snakes and being afraid of snakes in my yard, I have tired everything to get rid of these cute little guys.  Nothing worked. I was told about moth balls, no.  I tried Sulfur and that didn’t work either. Bleach was also tired and none of these worked.  I spread these things all around were they were.  I think they multiplied.  Sorry to all you tree huggers, but finally I had to resort to using a fly swatter.  They were coming in on my porch every time I would open the door and then and my cats (two) would eat them and puke about an hour later.  Don’t want vomit on the floor or snakes in my yard.  So if anyone out there wants little green fogs come and get them.  I may have to ask Santa for a new and bigger fly swatter.  What’s a person to do???

I shall return….